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Product Description:

Automatic sliding door traits:

  ①Intelligent controller:

Micro-computer controller takes the various functions to automatic sliding door system, with four modes: Automatically, Open, Close, Half and half open, which will be more convenient and safe for going in and out. What’s more, you can control it by remote controller, so wonderful!

 ②Drive pulley(Motor) :

The motor has such advantages of smooth-run, simple-configuration, convenient-maintenance, excellent-timing, no exciter-loss, low noise, etc. Its control circuit can be flexibly controlled, its timing range is wide(10%-100%), lots of protection functions.

 ③Tension pulley:

  The metallic base with the wearable pulley guarantees the whole system running in the smooth statements and in long lifetime.


  The high toughness of the belt and the different length choices, for different guide way length, such as 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters, which means long life time and very flexible.

 ⑤Hanging parts:

  The stainless steel hanging parts can clutch the door leaves easily, the belt fixers connect the fixers of the door leaves with the belt. 

 ⑥Aluminum guide way:

 The aluminum guide way has the different choices, 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters, which can satisfy the different installation requirements. The aluminum material is the silver color, which takes you one kind of comfortable appearance enjoyment.

Automatic sliding door specifications:

Specification ASD100 ASD150
Door leaf Single Double Single Double
Door weight Max 90kg Max 90kg Max150kg 2*Max 150kg
Door Width DW=700mm-130mm DW=650mm-1050mm DW=750mm-1600mm DW=650mm-1250mm
Input voltage AC220v±10%,50-60Hz
Opening speed 250-550mm/s(Adjustable)
Closing speed 250-550mm/s(Adjustable)
Slowing speed 30-100mm/s(Adjustable)
Open time 2-20s(Adjustable)
Lock in force >100N
Artificial force power <50N <60N
Whole consumed power <150W
Run environment temperature -20℃~+50℃
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