Automatic door lock

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Product Description:
Automatic door magnetic lock characteristics :
1, Combined with access control system, can be installed on the various automatic door systems.
2, Special design for the lock function of automatic door access, matched with the special fixing bracket that is used on the automatic door track profile.
3,  Small volume, easy installation, good integration with automatic door operation.
How to install the automatic door magnetic lock:
1, Installation hole should be fixed according to magnet base, the magnet base position should be adjusted according to the actual installation position.
2 Automatic door pulley position should be fixed according to the magnet body by adjusting the distance, magnet body and magnet base should be in the same vertical position.
Automatic door magnetic lock parameters:
Input voltage: DC12V (24V can be customized)
Operation current: 12V/170mA
Holding force: 70kg (150LBs)
Surface treatment: Environmental protection chromium plating
Operation temperature: -20~55℃
Operation humidity: 0~90%
Magnet base: 50 (diameter) ×30 (thickness) mm
Magnet body: 50 (diameter) ×10 (thickness) mm
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