Automatic door foot Sensor Switch

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Product Description:

Automatic door foot sensors

Main Parameters

Adopt microcomputer control with exquisite design of stainless steel wire cover.

Installation with hidden screw hole, easy to be fixed and stable performance

Widely be used in the operating room of hospital and laboratory to prevent hand pollution  

Detection mode: Receive the open signal by the truncation of infrared ray which operated by foot

Active infrared ray of modulation-demodulation controlled by microcomputer.

Dimension and panel layout


The terminal of input and output


Techical Parameters

Technical measures: Active infrared ray of modulation and demodulation

Recommended installation height : 0.3 m height from the ground

Detection mode : Truncation of infrared ray by foot operated to produce the open signal .

Reaction time relay output 45ms

Supply power : AC/DC12--36V

Power consumption : 82 mA

Supervisory signal : 4.5 SMA

Signal direction : Indicator with red light when Infrared ray emitted and received effectively . Indicator with green light when the Infrared ray be truncated by foot operated

Operation temperature -20--55

Interference immunity : Sunlight81000LUX

Incandescent lamp : 36000LUX

Electronic microwave : Consistent with 89/336/CEE Criteria

Appearance dimensions

123 ( L ) x50(W)x32 ( H ) mm ( Main controller )

19mmx13mm ( Electric eyes )

186mmx175mmX53mm ( Bracket )

output signal :Relay NO signal contact

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