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Product Description:

automatic two-way open door opener 2108

*Perfect smooth-running without hearable noise thanks to the encoded technology.
*Reliable permanent use, equipped with built-in backup battery (Optional).
*Push & go function makes life safer and easier (Optional).
*Spring closer on power failure, suitable for fire doors (Optional).
*Articulated arm and sliding arm both available, can be mounted on the hinge side and opposite hinge side
*Versatile functions available at any places, support access control system, fire/burglar alarm system, building intercom system…
*Excellent reliability, passed more than 2 million –cycle durability tests
*Fully adjustable operating parameters to suit specific applications, numerous control options
*Optimum adaptability to individual requirements- e.g. residential lifts, hospitals, office buildings, retail outlets, department stores, stations and airports, shops and restaurants, homes with elder or disabled people.


Automatic swing door parameters:

Model External ASD2007 Concealed ASD2016 External ASD2108 Concealed ASD2008
Swing application One-way open One-way open One-way open Two-way open
Door width 900mm 1000mm 1200mm 1000mm
Door weight 80kgs 100kgs 120kgs 100kgs
Opening speed 3-8 seconds (adjustable)
Closing speed 3-8 seconds (adjustable)
Time to open door 0-120seconds (adjustable)
Open angle 70-150 degrees
Closing buffer function Adjustable
Input power static/max 5W/40W
Buffer speed of opening Adjustable 
Buffer speed of closing Adjustable 
Buffer distance of opening Adjustable
Buffer distance of closing Adjustable
Braking force of opening Adjustable
Braking force of closing Adjustable
Locked power Adjustable
Power supply AC220,DC12V

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