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  • automatic garage doors
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    automatic garage doors

    Automatic garage door/villa garage door traits:   1,The width of villa garage door : 3 meters - 5 meters. 2,The weight : 100-200 kg of per door. Apart from the sliding track support of door on both sides, there is no other weight-bearing sup......
    Category: Automatic Garage Doors automatic garage doors Contact Us   29/7/2011
  • automatic rolling shutters
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    automatic rolling shutters

    Rolling shutters:Rolling shutter Details: Rolling shutter / shutter door Safe & theftproofInsulate & save energySound insulationPeep- resistance/protect 1,The multi-functions rolling shutters are used widely in Europe in constructio......
    Category: Automatic Rolling Doors/Shutters automatic rolling shutters Contact Us   29/7/2011
  • hand sensor switch
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    hand sensor switch

    Automatic door parts-hand sensor switch : The traits: Infrared modem, no interference and the interference signal. Hand or a positive non-contact reflective object sensing, clean and sanitary. Sensing distance 1 - 15cm adjustable, can be se......
    Category: Sensors and Accessories hand sensor switch Contact Us   10/8/2011
  • Wireless Touch Switch
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    Wireless Touch Switch

      Automatic Door Wireless Touch Switch: Main Characteristic Adopt uniformity frequency,high stability of wireless signal receiving and sending Siludification of PU varnished shell,dapper appearance with anti-off screw Operation frequency 3......
    Category: Sensors and Accessories Wireless Touch Switch Contact Us   10/8/2011
  • Infrared Sensors
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    Infrared Sensors

    Infrared Sensors: Specification Ray Type: Reflect infrared Quantity of Ray: 8 emit rays and 8 receive rays Function type: Detect moving thing( body). Max. Installing height: 3m Sensitive Adjusting: Sensitivity fine-tuning Adjustment of Detect......
    Category: Sensors and Accessories Infrared Sensors Contact Us   10/8/2011
  • Automatic door foot Sensor Switch
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    Automatic door foot Sensor Switch

      Automatic door foot sensors Main Parameters ▲Adopt microcomputer control with exquisite design of stainless steel wire cover. ▲Installation with hidden screw hole, easy to be fixed and stable performance. ▲Widely be used in the operati......
    Category: Sensors and Accessories Automatic door foot Sensor Switch Contact Us   10/8/2011
  • automatic door switch for disabled person
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    automatic door switch for disabled person

      Auotmaic door switch for disabled person: Main characteristic 1, Main controller 2, Voice speaker(side to speak out) 3, Volume Adjustment 4, 6P line 5, 7P line 6, Inner panel 7, Exterior Panel 8, Open Button 9, Function switch butt......
    Category: Sensors and Accessories automatic door switch for disabled person Contact Us   10/8/2011
  • automatic door safety beam sensor
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    automatic door safety beam sensor

      Automatic door safety beam sensor: Main Characteristic 1. Adopt microcomputer Control technology , high integration with high stability 2. International optical lens design with good focus quality , controlled angle 15 rational , easy to......
    Category: Sensors and Accessories automatic door safety beam sensor Contact Us   10/8/2011
  • automatic door Passive Infrared Sensor
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    automatic door Passive Infrared Sensor

    Automatic Doors Passive Infrared Sensor: Technical Parameters Operating Voltage: AC/DC 12-36V(-0%+15%) Power consumption: approximately 15mA Ambient temperature: -40℃--60℃ Max. installation height: 3.5m Max. detection scope: 3*1.5m Lowest det......
    Category: Sensors and Accessories automatic door Passive Infrared Sensor Contact Us   10/8/2011
  • automatic door sensors
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    automatic door sensors

    1. what is the automatic door sensors: A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or by an instrument.Automatic door sensors are installed overhead of the door frame,for dete......
    Category: Sensors and Accessories automatic door sensors Contact Us   23/8/2011
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