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Product Description:
waveform function/pulse generators:

Model JC5603 JC5603P JC5620 JC5620P
Test Frequancy 0.2Hz-3MHz 0.2Hz-3MHz 0.2Hz-20MHz 0.2Hz-20MHz
Function output No Yes No Yes
Accessories power cable, test cable
Size 90 (W)x215(H)x310(L)mm
Weight about 3.2Kg about 4.1Kg about 3.2Kg about 4.1Kg
Input voltage AC 220V ±10%.50Hz± 2Hz%

Function Generator / Counter Function Generator / Counter(with Function output)
specification: specification:
♦Output Frequency: ♦Output Frequency:
0.1Hz ~3MHz JC5603 0.1Hz ~3MHz JC5603P
0.1Hz -20MHz JC5620 0.1 Hz -20MHz JC5620P
♦output amplitude: ♦ Power Output: Max 50Vpp.1App (O.1Hz-10OKHz),
10Vpp(50Q load) above 100KHz auto off
20Vpp(1MO load) ♦output amplitude: l0Vpp(50Qload) 20Vpp(lMOIoad(
♦Output waveforms: Sine wave,Square wave ,Triangle wave ..etc. ♦ Output waveforms: Sine wave,Square wave ,Triangle wave ..etc.
♦ Symmtric Rang:20%~80% or 50% ♦ Symmtric Rang:20%~80% or 50%
♦ Rise/Fall Time: ♦ Rise/Fall Time:
30ns(JC5603) 30ns(JC5603P)
20ns(JC5620) 20ns(JC5620P)
♦ Sine wawe distortion: 1% ♦Sine wawe distortion: 1%
♦sweep mode: linear,logarithm.extern sweep ♦sweep mode: linear,logarithm,extern sweep
♦output Impedance: ♦output Impedance:
50Ω (Function frequency outputs) 50Ω (Function frequency outputs)
600Ω (TTL/CMOS outputs synchronization) 600 Q (TTL/CMOS outputs synchronization )
♦Output Attenuation:0db/20dB/40dB/60dB ♦Output Attenuation: 0db/20dB/40dB/60dB
♦CWsine wave signal output: 100Hz 2Vpp ♦CW sine wave signal output: 100Hz 2Vpp
♦TTL/CMOS single output synchronization ♦ TTL/CMOSsingle output synchronization
{CMOS LEV level 5V- 15V adjustable) (CMOS LEV level 5V~ 15V adjustable)
♦ Frequency Measure range: 0.1 Hz~40MHz ♦ Frequency Measure range: 0.1 Hz-40MHz
♦ Size: 280 x 210 x 85mm ♦ Size: 280x210x85mm
♦ Weight:about 3kg ♦Weight: about 3.5kg
♦ Feature: ♦ Feature:
Apply LSI and MCU Apply LSI and MCU
Display output amplitude^ digits)and Output Frequency(5digts) independently design power amplifier so that instrument can
Can be used for Frequency counter|24Mhz equal accuracy) output power fairly large
Variously output Mode(CW FM Sweep Frequency) Display output amplitude(3 digits)and Output Frequency(5digts)
Full output protect Can be used for Frequency counter(24Mhz equal accuracy)
High reliablity: MBTF> 10000h Variously output Mode(CW FM Sweep Frequency)
DC offset:-5V to 5V Full output protect
Apply electric switch High reliablity:MTBF>10000h
DC offset:-5V to 5V
Apply electric switch
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