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Product Description:

Industrial sliding door:sliding door
sliding door details: Industrial sliding door is featured beautiful, stable, safe and realible, conveniently operated, and etc. It could be widely usded in factory building, warehouse, logistices base, and etc. According to the exact number of the sliding door,
industrial sliding door could be devided into following three types: one-way sliding door, double-way sliding door, and staged sliding door.

Product description:

1,Strong and beautiful: Door uses color-painted panel, internal filled with high-pressure polyurethane foam or ethylene foam. It has excellent thermal and sound insulation. It is dustproof and has good appearance and high strength.

2,Sealed and durable: It uses rubber or brush to seal, the sealing effect is good and it is durable.

3,Flexible and tranquility: No matter the guide rail adopt up-suspension or down-bearing type, both manual and electrical are flexible and with low noise when opening and closing the door pieces.
4,Prolonged wear-resistance: each door piece had 4 groups of steel guide wheel. The guide wheel is made of 45# round bar,with double-row ball bearing inlayed inside. It has high strength, and good wear-resistance.

5,Driving system: The driving system adopt swing door's motor, and matched manual on-off device, it could be operated by line control, remote control, and hand control.

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