Infrared Sensors

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Infrared Sensors:


Ray Type: Reflect infrared

Quantity of Ray: 8 emit rays and 8 receive rays

Function type: Detect moving thing( body).

Max. Installing height: 3m

Sensitive Adjusting: Sensitivity fine-tuning

Adjustment of Detect Area: Adjusting detector angle 0°- - 10 °

                      Adjusting by DIP switch

Power: AC/DC 12-36V±5%

Consumption Capacity: less than 2.5VA

Relay output: DC50V, 0.1A

Output keeping time: 2S

Indication of output: Standby with green light, signal receive with red light

Ambient Temp.:-20--60

Weight: 400g

Color : Silver

Accessories: Soft cable 2.5m, mounting screws 2pcs, installing paper 1pcs,user manual,1 copy.

Main Characteristic

Note of installation


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