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  • Motor Test Dynamometers
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    Motor Test Dynamometers

    Motor test dynamometers ( engine dyno, dyanomometers for motor testing, motor testing system ): Testing input voltage, current, power, power factor, output  torque, rotational speed (RPM), output power, efficiency simultaneously. ......
    Category: Motor Test Dynamometer Motor Test Dynamometers Contact Us   27/7/2011
  • ZC series hysteresis dynamometer
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    ZC series hysteresis dynamometer

      The ZC series hysteresis dynamometer and principles: Hysteresis dynamometer composed with the toothed pole stator,hollow hysteresis Cup rotor, excitation coils, support, bottom plate, when the internal coil of the hysteresis d......
    Category: Motor Test Dynamometer ZC series hysteresis dynamometer Contact Us   7/5/2013
  • ZF series magnetic powder dynamometer
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    ZF series magnetic powder dynamometer

    ZF series magnetic powder dynamometer Composition and principle: Magnetic powder dynamometer composed by the stator, solid rotor excitation coil, magnetic media, bracket, and bench, when the magnetic powder dynamometer produces a magnetic field......
    Category: Motor Test Dynamometer ZF series magnetic powder dynamometer Contact Us   8/5/2013
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