Access control technology


Access control technology

Most people think that automatic doors access is only for the entry-control devices, the most typical traditional door is installed in the keyboard controller or magnetic card reader, in order to obtain access to the right of access must swipe. Now, however, have more advanced access technologies and new applications market, now the technology used in access control systems: bar code, graphic ID, the magnetic bar code, Wiegand, inductive, smart code, biometrics, etc. Including induction and biometric access control access control access control will be the development of two major trends.

The technology used automatic door in access control system and can achieve the security level of each other. For example: optical technology for bar code and graphics ID system to identify the bar code and graphics stored in the ID information; electromagnetic technology is used in magnetic card access control system, the brush card when the cardholder, the system will be allowed to enter the magnetic read Features: Wiegand technology is very clever, is still the scope of electromagnetic induction technology is generally commonly used frequency 110-125kHz, the frequency is stronger, inductive card reader access control system the greater the distance, as technology continues to improve, the frequency of 13.56MHz induction card reader access control system has been around from up to Im, the access control system has many other applications, such as: parking, fees and charges system. Of course the most secure access control system should be able to identify human biological characteristics, rather than identify an object held by the characteristics of the system, such as: the use of human biological characteristics unique biometric fingerprint identification system and the structure of the pupil, it will be access control system highest level, but the price is extremely expensive, difficult for the user acceptance.

In contrast, the technology is more mature and perfect, is still more reasonable price-sensitive access control system, many experts predict that by 2012 induction ceremony will replace other access control access control system (such as: access control system, electromagnetic, etc.) to become the dominant access control market. Proximity access control system is able to quickly accepted by the market for several reasons:

Simple to use;

Because the system without any mechanical wear, so long-term maintenance costs low;

Card, long service life.

Preparation of an edge access control systems, the following description of several systems.

Traditional magnetic card access control system in a small area there is still a market, the access control system with new technology access control systems, its low price has become an absolute market advantage, especially now that most users can only afford small access the system. People often think that the connection process in the use of magnetic cards have easily copy, easy to degauss and other issues, security is not enough.

In order to meet the needs of users at all levels, the market has emerged a small new technology access control system. This system takes only a few card reader card reader and an independent controller for only 1 or 2 entry application areas, this small and alarm devices or systems are usually used in conjunction with electronic locks. In this way, a number of retail stores or small shops can use this small-scale systems management. The small access control system so that its increasingly widespread application, there are several small access control systems access control system is optional.

The emergence of a compatible card card can be used in a variety of different access control system, allowing users to a multi-purpose card. Because of this card reader for all: Graphic ID. Induction type, bar code, magnetic card accepted, the cardholder used a card out of different buildings or the completion of various functions. The flexibility of this card become a powerful competitive weapon.

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