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European-style roller shutters has the following several important advantages:

(1) insulation - can be significant savings energy for cooling and heating
Window is the main channel during the day light in bedroom , it eliminates the light energy 
required for lighting, the channel of person's eyes enjoying the nature. However, it also 
brings a lot of trouble, for example, in the winter, especially in cold areas, it will loss 
valuable heat to the interior outdoor; in the summer the excess heat turn spread indoors, 
making it necessary to use a lot of energy ( air conditioning, etc.) to balance the indoor 
While modern technology has brought a multi-layer structure of glass and window frames and 
expensive joint sealing process, but as a weak point of the doors and windows building 
insulation, the thermal conductivity (k-value *) is rarely less than 2W/m2K. Doors and 
windows are usually the ideal heat transfer coefficient between 2.5 -3.0 W/m2K,  a good 
insulation wall, its thermal conductivity is only about 0.5 W/m2K, that is through a glass 
window of the insulation wall, heat loss is almost 7 times.

Right installation of roller shutters in front of a window or door can make the heat loss 
through windows or door decreased by 40% or more.
In order to obtain maximum insulation performance, roller shutters shall be installed in 
the window outside, and ensure the air layer between the window shutters and the glass 
windows. In order to obtain the desired thermal effect, roller shutters need to note the 
1. Shutter slats closed airtight;
2. Contact part airtight between shutter slats and the shutter casing;
3. Rail airtight;
4. Rail combined with the wall close;
5. The airtight between roller shutters and window seat;
6. Shutter casing insulation performance.

(2) Sound insulation performance:
Usually people want to have a quiet room, especially the room near streets and highways. 
Using the external roller shutters closed completely and installed out of the windows can 
greatly improve the sound insulation of windows. Through research, it was discovered that 
the space between the roller shutters and window is the bigger then the noise is the better. 
The closed Shutter windows can reduce 18dB of noise by itself, if combined with the 
insulation glass windows (4/12/4mm) together, can get integrated 37dB sound insulation.

In order to get a good sound insulation effect, note the following:
1. Shutter slats closed airtight;
2. Rail airtight;
3. Ensure roller shutters and window seat being airtight;
4. Shutter casing has enough insulation to avoid sound bridges.

(3) Sunproof and shade performance:
It is opposite that people hope to enjoy the warm sunshine through the windows in 
winter, people don't like in sunshine in the scorching heat summer, this time only a small 
part of the light is reflected off by the glass windows, most of it shot through the windows 
to the interior, thus, been proposed shade requirements.
Although there are various methods of sunproof, roller shutters installed in the external of 
windows are the best one solution to the problem.
one of factors, most of roller shutters can be reflected from the sun;
Second, the shutter window can be adjusted for the interior sun / light;
Third, it almost won't take space. By reducing the heat into the room, people can save much 
more energy for air conditioning machines. If you choose the light color shutter profiles, 
will be better able to improve the effect of the sun's reflection.

(4) Weather-resistant performance:

Roller shutters with windproof, rainproof, snow-proof and sand-proof resistant ability. 
Adding a protective barrier to doors and windows of the building .

(5) Theftproof performance:

Roller shutters is a beautiful and protective devices, the shutter is completely closed to 
prevent the glass window damage from brick and ball, also to prevent the intrusion of a 
thief. In terms of security awareness aluminum shutter window is to some extent, can stop a 
thief in the invasion.

Take certain measures will greatly enhance the security performance of the window shutter, 
such as:
1. Uses an enhanced shutter surfaces, such as double layers steel profiles filled 
polyurethane, double layers aluminum alloy profiles filled super-hard polyurethane, etc.;
2. Used the enhanced rail, to increase the rail depth;
3. Enhance the connection reliability of each fixed parts;
4. Adopt the locking or anti-push device;
5. Adopt the concealed installation type in buildings (ie, shutter rails, casings placed 
inside the wall)

(6) Block the sight
The closed rolling shutters window can be used to replace the curtain to block the sight 
from the outside.

(7) Anti-mosquito and anti-insect
Closed roller shutters can prevent mosquitoes and insects entrance.
In addition, as an ideal alternative product to replace the current security iron fence, it 
has several advantages as follows:
(1) Completely change a shortcoming of the fence will isolate the man and nature;
(2) To add a quiet environment to room, also to retain the channel with the outside world; 
to avoid the fence in an emergency situation such as fire, blocking escape and rescue exit 
(3) Prevent the thief to enter, at the same time, the shutter won't be like iron fence 
as a climbing device to the thief, which will change the embarrassing situation that the 
entire building is closed by the iron fence;
(4) Will significantly change the effect of building facades, with the landscaping  effect.

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