Wireless Touch Switch

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Product Description:

Automatic Door Wireless Touch Switch:

Main Characteristic

Adopt uniformity frequency,high stability of wireless signal receiving and sending

Siludification of PU varnished shell,dapper appearance with anti-off screw

Operation frequency 315M,stability better than 10-5.

Panel pushing with low-power  consumption,long service life battery.

Three point of trigger pressing design to ensure the effective action.

With large capacity output,available to be used with autodoor,electric lock and access controller

Door open within 2s when signal received.

Wide voltage input of AC/DC12-36V

Function switch with voice indicator,power indicator turns green to confirm the  validity of operation.


Product Over-view

This product is with the function of coding self-learn.Make sure the code of remote transmitter has been learned into the receiver before using (16 kinds of codes can be learned)

Operation way: Press the learned button,indicator turns  green.Press any key of the remote transmitter.The transimitter has been  learned by the receiver successfully  with two flashes of green light appears.

Delete method: Press the learn button  for 5S,turns o green light,all the codes has been deleted successfully( Can not delete one by one)

Power should be cut  in case of the function switch(L-type and M-type).  Otherwise, the receiver maintains the previous state.

  The launch indicator(When trigger effective turns red light)
  Pushing panel
  Dial switch placed inside,prevent the anti-interference by  editing different signal code 
  Fixing screw
  Learn button 
  Indicator(With red light when power is on,truns green when signal received)
  L-type and M-type available for chosen for the output state
  Binding pos
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