automatic door motor

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automatic door motor:

No. of M.:3m
No. of P.:8p
Rated voltage:24v
Rated current:6.3A
Rated power:100w
Rated speed:2900 r/min.

   The motor has such advantages of smooth-run, simple-configuration, convenient-maintenance, excellent-timing, no exciter-loss, low noise, etc. Its control circuit can be flexibly controlled, its timing range is wide(10%-100%), lots of protection functions.
   2.Environment Condition:
   a) Altitude is no higher than 1000m.
   b) Ambient Temperature: -25oC — +40oC
   c) Relative Humidity≤90%
   3.General Technical Condition:
   a.Normal Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ
   b.Insulating Dielectric Strength: ≤60V 500V/min; >60V 1500V/min
   c.Temperature Rise≤75K
   4.Storage Environment Condition
   a.Air Temperature: -10—40oC
   b.Relative Humidity <90%
   c.Away from corrosive gas.
   5. Notice:
   a.To be sure correct input voltage grade
   b.To be sure positive and negative pole of power supply are right.
   c.Connection line should not be untied once tied so that not to mess up the phase, otherwise it may arise an excess of current to result in burning the controller.
   d.Do not beat or press the motor when connecting to the load to avoid noise and dead lock.

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