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Product Description:
automatic door operator :

Others names:automatic sliding door,automatic door closer,automatic door system,automatic sense door,automatic doors.

(1)ISO9001 & CE Certificate
(2)Intelligent and modularization design
(3)Easy to install and adjust
(4)Competitive price

Automatic Sliding Door
Holding Time:1-8s



Technical Data

Rang of the Door



Door leaf max weight



Power Supply

AC220±10%, 50-60 Hz

Opening  Speed

250-550mm/s (adjustable)

Closing  Speed   

250-550mm/s (adjustable)

Creep speed

 30-100mm/s (adjustable)

Hold-open time

2-20s (adjustable)

Hold-Close Force


Manual Pushing Force


Power consumption


Ambient temperature

-20+50 C

Functional features:

(1)Exists in double and single sliding versions;

(2)Powerful and full functions: offer our users 4 operating options of full automatic,half open, constant open and constant lock;

(3)Flexibility:allows tempered glass door leaves as well as 50mm thickness wooden door leaves;

(4)Reliability:built-in microprocessor ensures the accuracy and precision of the operation;

(5)Safety:the door leaf(ves) will go backward when people or moving obstacles approach while closing,which prevents the clamp injury and damage of the door itself.

(6)The door leaf(ves) could be deftly manually opened at a power failure;

(7)Modularization design allows a simple and easy installation;

(8)Purpose made polyurethane covered silent wheels realize quiet operations;

(9)Multiple optional access method:

a.Sensors: microwave sensor,feet sensor;

b.Password:password or finger print identification access;

c.Card:IC card,RFIC card;

d.Button:Elbow touch,feet touch and long-distance buttons

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