automatic door safety beam sensor

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Product Description:

Automatic door safety beam sensor:

Main Characteristic

1. Adopt microcomputer Control technology , high integration with high stability

2. International optical lens design with good focus quality , controlled angle 15 rational , easy to be installed .

3. Far transmit distance with strong, anti-interference ability.

4. Adopting receiving filter decoding, amplification system of German technology. Effective solution to anti-interference of natural day light.

5. Emission electric eye adopts low-power consumption design with far transmit distance.

6. Emission contact and receive contact output separately with shielding line.

7. When the signal light be blocked , N.O or N.C contact can be flexibly chosen.

8. With 12- 36V AC-DC power input.


Technical Parameters

Supply power: AC/DC 12-36V

Static Current: 25mA

Action Current: 40mA

The Maximum transmit distance: 10m

NO or NC contact: Done by NO/NC contact selection

Beam: Single beam or double beam.

Ambient temperature:-42 -- 45

Ambient humidity: 10-90 % RH

Appearance dimensions (controller): 123 ( L ) x50 ( W ) x32 ( H ) mm

Appearance dimensions (Magic eye head): 19 ( L ) x13 ( D )



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