automatic door switch for disabled person

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Product Description:

Auotmaic door switch for disabled person:

Main characteristic

1, Main controller

2, Voice speaker(side to speak out)

3, Volume Adjustment

4, 6P line

5, 7P line

6, Inner panel

7, Exterior Panel

8, Open Button

9, Function switch button

10, Close button

Function display

Using process

Dedicated for washroom of disabled-person , large-panel designed with voice prompts.

Normal standby, the exterior panel displays " no use "

Press the open button of exterior panel, door open with voice prompts. Internal panel displays unlocked, warning to press the lock button. After entering the washroom, Press the lock button of inner panel, door close with voice prompt At the time. Door cannot be open until the user press open button of inner panel And door close in 5s .15s,15s according to the setting

When user has trouble and can not operate the call panel. Start the F-open function, door can be open forcibly by outsider

Start the L0CK function to lock the system. When the staff after work, so that the door is in a safety closure state, to stop the use of external.



Wiring Diagram

Technical Parameters

Operating Voltage: AC/DC12-36V

Switch controller: 142*58*40(mm)

Panel Size: 160*120*15(mm)

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