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Automatic garage door/villa garage door traits:
1,The width of villa garage door : 3 meters - 5 meters.
2,The weight : 100-200 kg of per door. Apart from the sliding track support of door on both sides, there is no other weight-bearing support between the cross-span in the middle.
3,The special design to each door, that is add a reinforced stell structure to it.
4,The steel adopt 1.5mm galvanized steel, rolling manufactured, each door 2 horizontal and 4 vertical(5 vertical for double garage door),welding connection to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the whole garage door.
5,All the panel materials have been fumigated at high temperatures, and have the dry and crack dealings. The wood panel have been suitable cut in the design, and also split-joint matchboards. Meanwhile, the panel have been insertly fixed by unique steel structure, the panel and the steel structure had been integrated together. The stress of the panel fission have been released. So, the fission will not be occured although it is placed outside doors, under wind and rain, cold and hot in a long time.
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