hand sensor switch

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Product Description:

Automatic door parts-hand sensor switch :

The traits:

Infrared modem, no interference and the interference signal.

Hand or a positive non-contact reflective object sensing, clean and sanitary.

Sensing distance 1 - 15cm adjustable, can be set for different occasions.

Low-power design, equipment, longer life.

High sensitivity infrared control, induction timely and convenient manner.

Positive dark hole fixed, install the wiring simple, look rich sense of technology.

A dry contact relay output, convenience and variety of door control devices.

A sensor light instructions.

The main technology parameters: 

Working power: AC/DC 12V-36V

Statics consummation: 62mA

Running current: 115mA

Inducting distance: 1-15cm adjustable

Modem frequency: 38KHz

Work Environmental Temperature -20--45

Dimensions: 113mm(L)*63mm(w)*20mm(H)

Fixation: screws hidden

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