ultra-high precision variable-frequency power supply

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Product Description:

ultra-high precision variable-frequency power supply:

1. Product attributes:
1)、High precision voltage, current, frequency, real power and power factor display.
2)、Measured signal magnitude is virtual value.
3)、Output frequency:45~70Hz、50Hz、60Hz、100Hz、200Hz、400Hz
4)、Load voltage regulation rate---±0.5%。
5)、Waveform distortion factor(THD):±1.5%(resistance load)
6)、Load frequency stability:≤0.01%
7)、Reaction time:2ms
8)、Multi-protection and warning functions, such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, overload protection and over-temperature protection, etc.
Model 9905 9001 9002
Output capacity 500VA 1KVA 2KVA
Circuit mode
IGBT/PWM pulse wave width modulation mode
AC input single phase 220V/50Hz,60Hz



Phase single phase
voltage low gear 0V~150V
high gear 0V~300V
Frequency 45~65Hz、50Hz、60Hz、100Hz、200Hz、400Hz
Max.current 0V~150V 4.2A 8.4A 16.8A
0V~300V 2.1A 4.2A 8.4A
Frequency stability ≤0.01%
Load voltage regulation rate ±0.5%
Waveform distortion factor(THD) ±1.5%(Resistance load)
Reaction time Max.2ms


Four-digit number frequency meter Resolution 0.1Hz
Four-digit number voltage meter Resolution 0.1V
Four-digit number current meter   Resolution below 4A:0.001A  over 4A:0.01A
Four-digit number power meter  Resolution below 200W:0.1W   over 200W:1W
Four-digit number power factor Resolution 0.001
Protecting equipment electronic circuit senses over-voltage, over-current,Over-load, over-temperature and short circuit and starts protection and alarm device automatically.
Cool-down equipment  fan cooling down by force
Environment Operation Temp. 0℃~45℃
Relative humidity 0~90%(non--condensation condition)
Size(H×W×D) 187×428×440(unit:mm)

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